Re: SIAI's flawed friendliness analysis

From: Leonardo Wild (
Date: Sat May 24 2003 - 23:03:40 MDT


Philip Sutton wrote:
> I think we need to have friendliness plaus wisdom.
> (Trying to specify wisdom and implement wisdom capability is going to be
> tricky for sure, but I suspect it's necessary too.)

Wisdom = Experience + Knowledge.

Knowledge = Information + Memory.
Experience = Chaordic Awareness + Selective Memory.

Friendliness = Subjective Need + ???

Defitinions are hard if we don't relate them to real-life experience.

The most general definition I've found of intelligence:

"INTELLIGENCE is the Function -through context-related abilities- by
which existence tries to ensure the fulfillment of its needs."

The limitations of intelligence should be viewed in the light of it
being a "structure" rather than a "system."

Please note that SYSTEM and STRUCTURE are not the same, but
two of the sides of a triangle:

1) Structure,
2) System,
3) Content.

Systems deprive us of our freedom _by definition_ since systems are,

"The creation of the guidelines of behavior of things and organisms."

Structures are more what we need in order to create a working AI (and a
working society at large). Structure is:

"The creation of limits whithin which things and organisms can behave

But neither structure nor content go a long way without "CONTENT," the
third side of that triangle. Content is basically the "reason d'etre"
for the creation of systems or structures. And you can't have a system
without a structure, nor a structure without an inner system. Take one
side out and you got a serious problem. And this doesn't mean
that either structure of system are "wrong" per se, rather, that each
have their purpose and that if you use one in place of the other
(believing, perhaps, that system and structure are the same thing),
you get "wrong" results in relation to the _intended_ content.

"Human Intelligence" at large has three different kinds of intelligence
of high order:

1) Cognitive Intelligence.
2) Social Intelligence.
3) Emotional Intelligence.

You may have people with high cognitive intelligence (130), but their
social intelligence may be in the range of 40 9 ... :-) ... ), and their
emotional intelligence around 80, which will make them very hard to be
around with. "Friendliness" would necessarily have to take these kinds
of intelligences in consideration. How do we develop each type? We know
quite a bit about IQ, are starting to learn the importance of EQ, but SQ
happens to be still a not very much considered area of human understanding.

Just a side note about intuition, without necessarily entering the realm
of ESP:

"INTUITION is the Ability by which organisms can become -through
experience- aware of reality without knowledge or understanding."


Leonardo Wild
PS: What kind of Social Intelligence can an AI develop to become a FAI?
And what should it be friendly towards? What will it need to be "friendly"?

A certain level of "wisdom"?

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