Collating views on friendliness (or whatever it is we want)

From: Philip Sutton (
Date: Sat May 24 2003 - 18:44:57 MDT

I said:
> It would be quite interesting to conduct some sort of collaborative
> scoping exercise to identify what issues different people think we need
> to look at. If we could produce a single document that had all the big
> issues that each one of us thinks should be considered in the course of
> tackling AGI morality then we might be able to avoid talking past each
> other and from this document we might be able to generate an R&D
> agenda - moving in several direction at once as I don't anticipate that
> we will all be of one mind..
> What do you think of this suggestion?

Ben said it:
> sounds like a fine idea to me -- except that I don't have time to
> write the document at the moment, because I've prioritized other things
> ahead of it. I'll be happy to contribute ideas to such a document and
> to review and discuss such a document.

OK - I'll start a doc - stick it on my website and we can bring ideas from
anyone on the list into it (and anyone else too for that matter). We can
tell people via the sl4 lkist when useful increments of progress have
been made and invite people to review the document.

It'll be a slow process because I can't put more than a small
amount of time into it.

It might be an idea if interested people indicated their interest by
private email to me to save a flurry on the list.

Could someone from the Singularity Institute join this project too - since
the Institute has done more on this issue than anyone else?

Unless people ask for anonymity I would indicate the names of all
contributor to the document.

I wouldn't see the aim of the document to be to get to "one final view".
Rather I think it would be good to see if there are any coherent clusters
of views and perhaps see how many people support each cluster.

Then it would be up to everyone/anyone to decide what action should
be taken in the light of the document content.

If anyone has any other ideas for process let me know.

Cheers, Philip

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