Re: SIAI's flawed friendliness analysis

From: Samantha (
Date: Wed May 21 2003 - 02:21:40 MDT

On Tuesday 20 May 2003 02:18 pm, Bill Hibbard wrote:
> Pointing out the difficulties does not justify not even
> trying. Independent development of AI will be unsafe. A
> political process is not guaranteed to solve the problem,
> but it is necessary to at least try to stop humans who
> will purposely build unsafe AIs for their own imagined
> benefit.

Actually, why your proposal will not work at all has been pointed out
by several persons over multiple emails You continue to insist that
it must be done anyway without refuting the arguments that your plan
is unworkable. What is the point?

> Regulation will make it more difficult for those who want
> to develop unsafe AI to succeed. The legal and trusted AIs
> will have much greater resources available to them and thus
> will probably be more intelligent than the unregulated AIs.
> The trusted AIs will be able to help with the regulation
> effort. I would trust an AI with reinforcement values for
> human happiness more than I would trust any individual
> human.

This ignores that the regulated AIs as you have proposed them will
likely never get off the metaphorical ground.

> It really comes down to who you trust. I favor a broad
> political process because I trust the general public more
> than any individual or small group. Of course, democratic
> goverement does enlist the help of experts on technical
> questions, but ultimate authority is with the public.
> When you say "AI would be incomprehensible to the vast
> majority of persons involved in the political process"
> I think you are not giving them enough credit. Democratic
> politics have managed to cope with some pretty complex
> and difficult problems.

Trusting the general public in such an area rather speaks for itself
as does a belief that the real authority is or should be in the hands
of the public at large. The vast majority in the US believe in
demons, can't find Iraq (Brazil, India, Russia(!), etc.) on a world
map, read less than one non-fiction book in their lives after
schooling, barely understand simple algebra and so on. Your faith
in them is touching but the masses really do no deserve this sort of
credit. Failure to understand this or any other unpleasant facts
will not serve us.

- samantha

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