Re: No need to rush AGI development?

From: Samantha (
Date: Mon May 19 2003 - 00:51:30 MDT

On Sunday 18 May 2003 05:29 pm, Philip Sutton wrote:
> Hi Bill,
> You've suggested that there's no need to rush the development of
> AGIs.
> I've been trying to work out what might encourage people to be in a
> hurry.
> One possible reason is that some people feel that we have to
> accelerate the pace of scientific development to enable humans to
> find means to stop automatic aging or to find ways to upload people
> into cyberspace as an alternative to halting biological aging.
> AGIs might play a useful part in this acceleration so I can see
> that some people might have a strong very personal motivation to
> get on with the job.
> Another possible motivator is to ensure that the first successful
> AGI development is in the hands of people who are not driven by
> corrupt motivations.

Other possibilities include:

a) There is altogether too much suffering in the world today. AGI is
a possible way to address and eliminate quite a bit of it.

b) At the current pace of change unaugmented human beings or any
conceivable arrangement of such even with the aid of non-AI computers
are increasingly unable to make wise and effective decisions. A
dangerously capricious world results. It can only be remedied by AI
and, to a probable lesser extent, by augmented and mind-linked
humans. In short, we are not bright enough to long survive unaided.

- samantha

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