AI Plurality

From: Simon Gordon (
Date: Sat May 17 2003 - 13:51:56 MDT

> Unfortunately though, as you know, this doesn't
> solve the real problem of FAI ... which you have not
> solved, and Hibbard has not solved, and I have not
> solved, and even George W. Bush has not
> solved ...yet ...

George W. Bush of course, is well up on the
Singularity idea and is actively trying to solve the
problem of FAI.

Ironic splutter aside....the "real problem" seems to
sort itself out if we release a society of FAIs into
the physical world at exactly the same time. We could
teach the AIs friendliness but most probably they will
learn it from themselves in the same way that children
can learn moral values by interacting with each in the
playground. So long as none of the fledgling AIs
become strongly dominant over the others in terms of
intelligence or power i.e. if they are able to
recognise their own equality (if born at the same time
and instantiated from the same design code they
should) then they would naturally evolve to cooperate
with each other having played lots of Prisoner's
Dilemma type games and learned that overall the best
strategy was friendly cooperation.

There may need to be an extensive incubation period (a
fledgling AI playground if you will) before the AIs
learn that all sentients, including biologicals, are
equals and should be treated as such. Then there only
remains the problem of how we will know that our AIs
have matured to this desired level and become proper
FAIs, safely releasable into the rest of human


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