RE: [agi] Re: SIAI's flawed friendliness analysis

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Fri May 16 2003 - 21:39:02 MDT

I'm posting this only to SL4 as it's more of an SL4 topic, I don't like
cross-postings on AGI as they get hard to follow...

> I will be ecstatic if the problem of Friendliness is solvable by someone
> who genuinely wants to solve it. The problem given a hostile programmer
> is... how can I put this... INSANE. If you want technological
> advancement
> on the problem of trust, build a better lie detector using advances in
> neuroimaging, signal processing, and pattern recognition, and run the
> programmers through it. I hereby volunteer.

But Eliezer, what questions are you going to ask the programmer under the
lie detector? To know what questions to ask you need to have your values
precisely formulated. Your suggestion is a good one, but it simply pushed
the issue of value-articulation into the process or programmer-quizzing....

-- Ben G

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