"Unite the Future" Press Release

From: Tyler Emerson (trans_humanism@msn.com)
Date: Mon May 12 2003 - 16:42:33 MDT

Contact: Tyler Emerson, Public Relations
 <mailto:Odd1@onebox.com> tyleremerson@accelerating.org (310) 398-1934
Institute for Accelerating Change to Host 'Unite the Future,' a
Fantastic Futurist-Themed Event
(LOS ANGELES, CA) May 9, 2003 - 'Unite the Future'
(www.accelerating.org/unitethefuture) is a fundraiser party, on
Saturday, May 17, 2003, starting at 7:30 PM. 'Unite the Future' will
explore, explain, and celebrate the concepts of Accelerating Change and
Transhumanity through fashion, music, art, performance, dance, and
'Unite the Future' is one in a series of events, gatherings, and
publications from the Institute for Accelerating Change
(www.accelerating.org <http://www.accelerating.org/> ), an LA-based
educational nonprofit, dedicated to helping society realize the profound
implications of accelerating technological change-to helping humanity
realize a future of exponential promise rather than exponential peril.
'Unite the Future' Highlights:
Futurist Fashion Carnival - A Transhumanist / Futurist fashion show
where the party's themes will be expressed through a mix of
cyber-erotica and biomechanical sci-fi fashion from over 25 top
Headlining the fashion show is Gothic super model Donna Ricci
(www.donnaricci.com <http://www.donnaricci.com/> ), whose work is
featured worldwide. Joining her are models from the Wicked Talent Agency
(www.wickedtalent.com <http://www.wickedtalent.com/> ), in a fully
choreographed fashion display. Through generous donations from the
designers, the future inspired clothing, hairpieces, footwear, and
accessories will be auctioned after the event.
DJ Wolfie (www.djwolfie.com <http://www.djwolfie.com/> ) - This artist
has built a fantastic reputation, performing at events such as Dream
Circus, Burning Man, Moon Henge et al., by spinning fresh trance,
electronica, and underground.
Mutaytor (www.mutaytor.com <http://www.mutaytor.com/> ) - Always
innovative performers ranging from Go-Go to tribal to aerial, armed with
swords, lasers, pyrotechnics, and an abundance of creative energy.
Don McLeod (www.ZenButoh.com <http://www.zenbutoh.com/> ) - Dance /
Performance art that is set to live improv and expressive soundscapes.
"McLeod is a master of movement ... A living tabula rasa," LA Weekly
DJ Jesse Wright - This artist spins 'progressive funk.' "His charisma
is intoxicating, it will rip your soul from your body, wash it clean,
and leave it smelling fresh like daisies," Cody Lee Williams, Groove
Costume Contest - People who attend in costume-come dressed to
impress!-will get interactive by expressing their own creative vision
and competing for a cash prize of $500.
Participants will be actively engaged and challenged in other areas,
e.g., an upstairs "chill room" will have spoken word sessions by
philosophers, visionaries, and scientists. Throughout the building,
which serves during the day as the Hollywood special effects facility,
Applied Effects (www.appliedfx.com <http://www.appliedfx.com/> ), media
will be on display that conceptually explores various aspects of
transhumanity and accelerating change.
For more information or press passes, please contact Tyler Emerson at
(310) 398-1934, or via email at tyleremerson(at)accelerating.org.

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