RE: Hardware Progress: $212/GFlop/s

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Tue May 06 2003 - 19:21:06 MDT

> I realize that there is a lot of subconscious information people have,
> process, and use. But a super AI, given access to something like the
> Internet, would probably have access to all of the raw
> information it would
> need. If it was taught how to process that information, there'd be little
> need to train it further - it could teach itself.

That is quite true!!

The question is, how will it be taught how to process that information? It
will have to be taught this via guided experience, not (IMO) via being fed
files of knowledge about how to process the information..... And this --
teaching how to process and learn from information -- is what some of us
think may be a years-long teaching process...

> Or maybe I am just naive. I just like reading this list, I haven't much
> education as far as cognitive science goes :)

Well, even if you ARE naive, that doesn't mean becoming an expert would make
you agree with me!

This is stuff on which experts disagree widely -- I have strong opinions,
but others with equally many credentials have equally strong and strongly
opposed opinions...

And so it will remain till significantly more empirical progress is made in
the AI domain!!

ben g

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