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Date: Mon May 05 2003 - 01:39:54 MDT

I like the idea of Eliezer writing a poular book, but
a rationality seems too general. On the other hand a
book about A.I would be too specific. A book about
transhumanist philosophy on the other hand, seems just

What is needed is a through exposition of a fully
integrated philsophy, a detailed chain of reasoning
beginning with the basics and leading to FAI and
Singularity Institute. One needs to start with
metaphysics and move through epistemology, then
ethics, then politics. Only then can one spell out
the conclusion that one should support FAI and
Singularity Institute.

Metaphysics: Commence with the basics. The
rationalist concepts of a universe of objective
reality which is fully understandable through reason.
Introduce computation theory. Explain the basic
concepts of computing such as the Universal Turing
Machine. Explain the operational equivalence between
a computer simulation and reality. Use Max Tegmark's
multiverse idea as the metaphysical foundation.

Epistemology: This is the section on 'rationality'.
Introduce Bayesian theory and systems of reasoning
such as Karl Poppers and Pan-critical rationalism.
Explain limits of reasoning caused by self-reference
(for instance the Godel Thereom). Then introduce the
anthropic principle and go back and apply the ideas to
the concepts introduced into the metaphysics section.
Explain how rationality is neccessary for an observer
to operate within the multiverse, and how they have to
apply bays thereom.

Ethics: Discuss evolutionary psychology and use it to
develop the theory of rational altruism, reasoning
using techniques explained to readers in the
epistemology section. Introduce perfectionist ethics
to explain why we should increase our cognitive
ability as rational altruists. Then show the best way
to do this is to enhance our intelligence, which in
turn requires the creation of FAI. Lead on to
Friendliness theory.

Politics: Critique both socialism and capitalism and
introduce key libertarian ideas. Discuss memetics and
social evolution and the Singularity. Attempt to use
the theory of human nature developed in the ethics
section to describe in general terms the work that
will need to be done to develop FAI. Explain how the
best way to do this is to support Singularity
Institute. Then ask people to join the cause.

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