Re: SOAPBOX: Funding for SIAI

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Sun May 04 2003 - 13:08:00 MDT

Michael Anissimov wrote:

> 7) Admit to yourself that whatever pet project you were interested in before
> you found out about the Singularity has probably been rendered a waste of
> time! (And other sorts of rationality.)

Baloney! Any projects that result in a positive capital flow
and don't eat all of my time are fuel directly and indirectly
for Singularity projects. It is not at all clear yet that a FAI
is even doable in the current full context so it is a little
premature (to say the least) to write off all other projects.
It is not clear whether SIAI can actually do the engineering
work to make the theory a reality. It is a group with an
unproven and untested track record. Admittedly some of this is
a classic chicken and egg problem, but shooting for the moon
without knowing the quality of your systems and systems
engineers is not the most obviously rational of decisions.
Lastly, any "pet projects" that increase the computational
capacity of existing sentients are Singularity positive.

- samantha

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