RE: Singularity Institute - update

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Thu May 01 2003 - 08:38:51 MDT

> Well, if Eliezer achieves something really significant, I'm sure he'll be
> given honorary credentials. And I agree with your comments about maverick
> researchers, but they are definately the exception not the rule. I have
> high hopes that Eliezer will achieve his goals, and don't doubt his
> scientific integrity. I *DO* have a problem with how he came across to me
> in his email, it generally irritated me. I just wanted to call attention
> to how that sounded (to me) and what a casual reader might see when
> looking through a googling of Eliezers writings. Perhaps I'm being overly
> sensitive.

Well, I'll be the last person to deny that Eliezer can be irritating

It has never seemed to me that social graces were among his many strong
points ;-)

> From what I've seen, I think every academic gets a few of them in a
> career. Because of that, it is important to avoid making noises like a
> crackpot, as people who might be very helpful will recognise those signals
> and distance themselves.

Sure, that is a valid point.

-- Ben G

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