Re: Singularity Institute - update

Date: Thu May 01 2003 - 06:18:59 MDT

Barkley Vowk opined:
<<Credentials are a token with which one proves he/she has been taught the
skills to learn, and the background knowledge to at least start an
understanding in their field. Dismissing credentials is a common
sign of a crackpot.>>

But this also gives a Pass to conformists, who may or may not be less
capable, more likely to know how to milk the government/academic community
for research--because they appear to conform. This is known from the 1950's
as Not Invented Here. Freeman Dyson recently opined that the Phd. degree,
seemed to him a waste of time in astronomy and physics. This statement is
from a person who would quite easily belong to a peer review board.

<<In many cases "researchers" who are self-described geniuses (or perhaps
just more X than most people), dismiss journals because their "peers" that
do the reviewing toss their papers (or use them for lining bird
cages/cleaning up coffee spills). Usually this is followed by the author
stalking legitimate researchers to get their ideas heard. This step is
generally followed by a restraining order or meds being administered.>>

I could imagine such academics on a review board, flushing any such papers
axiomatically, sans critical review. Many of those who occupy review boards,
the few that I have encountered via media interviews, come across as rather
full of themselves. I concede that there are many nutters around, but contend
that this screening process is hap-hazzard, at best, and fraught with conceit
and sometimes envy, at worst. The baby is indeed thrown out with the bath

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