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From: Eliezer S. Yudkowsky (
Date: Wed Apr 30 2003 - 22:02:19 MDT

Barkley Vowk wrote:
> Don't get me wrong, I've read much of the stuff you've
> written, its clear to me that you are most likely not off your meds.

Great. Go read "Levels of Organization in General Intelligence", and then
if you're interested in criticizing any of the specific theory found
there, feel free to do so.

Academic fields are sometimes wastelands. Nature has no a priori tendency
to produce truths that are easy to explain to a lay audience.
"Credentials" are not the proper object of a university system, learning
is. The "journals of an entire wing of academia" may easily be the wrong
audience for any given piece of work. And it is not very hard to be more
Bayesian than most people.

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