Fw: Infinite universes, etc

From: Mark Waser (mwaser@cox.net)
Date: Wed Apr 30 2003 - 16:50:37 MDT

Eleizer said:
> Evolved people are generally very strongly against the idea of being simulated, and that's reflected in any wallpaper versions of them.

Wow! That sentence is pretty loaded in terms of the associations and biases that it calls up. Who made you the keeper of evolved people? . . . . :-) <meant to be gentle chiding - hope it came off that way>

Maybe even-more-evolved people :-) realize that temporary pain/discomfort/death is not necessarily a bad thing as long as there is sufficient reason for it and that at no level (at least, that I can even start to fathom) does an entity have complete control, knowledge, and resources. What would you do if you needed to spin off a simulation or a thousand of your world to save your world and there was no way to save them your world's pain or even to ensure their existence past the problem's solution? What if we (as a simulation) are the only hope of figuring out how the human race might get out of the mess they've gotten into 100 years from now?

Like I said, I don't mind being simulated either and I can think of plenty of reasons why a fully empathic being would implement a "painful from our perspective" world. Or it could be as simple as all the issues raised by me asking you "Do you eat beef?" or worse "Do you eat veal?"

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