Infinie Hells/Infinite Apotheosis' was: Infinite universe

From: Paul Hughes (
Date: Tue Apr 29 2003 - 20:03:52 MDT

Simon, you make some very food points.

You wrote:

> Advanced SI beings may desire "ignorance holidays"
> in
> the same way that many adult human beings desire to
> re-live their childhood -- perhaps to regain their
> innocence, or to repeat the losing of their
> innocence,
> or simply to enjoy a different level of fun.

Epistimologically speaking, I have often wondered if
my entire life is my future SI-self re-living or
living out fictional/factional variations of my
earlier life.
> you
> can never turn the subjective probability of a Hell
> scenario happening to any given being into a zero.
> Which means that somewhere out there are perfectly
> innocent beings going through absolute Hells, much
> worse than Dante could have ever envisaged, and this
> is happening in a very real sense (there's even an
> infinite ensemble of copies of you which will fall
> into a Hell scenario in the next 10 seconds).

Of course the opposite can also be said. Every single
one of these hellish state-spaces will immediately
jump into an an extremely large number of extremely
positive, possibly apothesosis states lasting

Paul Hughes

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