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Date: Tue Apr 29 2003 - 15:39:26 MDT

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> And pretending they don't exist is a better way to help them?
> they don't exist means you have no way of helping them at all.
> Rationality is rationality, truth is truth, even in the face of
hell. If
> there's a real but small measure of irreducible hell, then that is
> truth and always was. There is nothing empathic or compassionate
> disbelieving it; that doesn't help anyone.
> Or perhaps I wasn't clear on what I meant by "subjective
> probability"; I was speaking of the subjective conditional
probability of
> hell in the lives of all sentients, in every thread in the entire
web of
> qualia throughout Level IV, not just my own life. There may be an

> irreducible minimum of inescapable hells, but if so, compassion is

> reducing every reducible probability of hell that correlates with
one of
> your decisions. Which you can only do if you model the dependency.
> you can only do if you model hell. Accurately.

It would seem to me that if Moravec/Level 4/Dust Theory/"whatever we
want to call it at the moment" cosmology is valid then no action can
have any effect except in one's own subjective reality, right? ie, if
this model is valid, then wouldn't the best we could to would be to
minimize the probability of it occuring in our own experiance, but
having absolutely no effect on the totality of it?

ie, any "action" I would take to try to reduce it would correspond to
some state N.

But all states N already exist. Be taking said action simply means
that I am state N.

State N is "always" itself though. ie, it isn't like "state N is not
state N, and then it is." So no change actually occurs even though my
subjective experiance is that there is change.

What may be true is that the states that correspond to an experance
of having state N part of a history leading up to it have a lower
ratio of "evil states" compared to the ratio of total "bad states" to
all states.


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