From: Mitchell Porter (mitchtemporarily@hotmail.com)
Date: Tue Apr 29 2003 - 01:45:05 MDT

Eliezer said

>If many-worlds is correct, Einstein will turn out to have been absolutely

This is a pretty strange statement. Right about what? Determinism?

My guess is that, had it been an issue for him, Einstein would
have critiqued many-worlds, just as he critiqued Copenhagen.

Paul Hughes said

>P.S. Simon is correct about Einstien. Almost of all
>of Special Relativity was entirely derived by
>Einstiens intuition, which he later demonstrated
>mathematically when he got the proper training in the
>necessary tensor calculus.

You must mean general relativity; you don't need tensors
for special relativity. And "almost all" is debatable.
Intuition gave him an idea, the equivalence principle
(gravity = free fall). Seven years later, he had a theory
(G = 8 pi T), after a lot of hard work. It wasn't just
a matter of re-expressing a thought he'd already had.

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