Re: Infinite universe

From: Perry E. Metzger (
Date: Sat Apr 26 2003 - 17:37:32 MDT

Simon Gordon <> writes:
> In terms of pure set theory, every set is the
> equivalent of a universe equally a universe can be
> regarded as a pure set. A universe like our own for
> example contains both the specification of the laws of
> physics and the intial conditions, this is sufficient
> information to specify the entire spacetime.
> So how many universes are there in the whole
> metaverse? This is the same as asking how many sets
> are there in existance.

I don't think so

See my other message for why, but so far as I can tell, the number of
Level I universes is countable, the number of Level III universes is
countable, and the number of Level IV universes is countable. (I don't
understand chaotic inflation well enough to know for Level II for sure.)

Perry E. Metzger

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