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From: Simon Gordon (
Date: Fri Apr 25 2003 - 18:22:39 MDT


I'd better introduce myself since i am new to the sl4
mailing list.

My name is Simon (nick: simdizzy on the IRC
chatrooms), i am 22 yrs old from england, UK.
Previously i have studied mathematics to degree level
and ive long been interested in fractals, chaos theory
and cellular automaton.

It is clear i have joined at the right time because i
am also very interested in multiverse theories and the
all possible universes hypothesis (embodied by the
tegmark/schmidhuber ensembles). These ideas have
become very intuitive to me and i now moreorless take
it for granted that all formal systems and conceivable
mathematical structures exist independently in the
same way that our universe exists; our universe is
just such a system and so it is equal in status to a
mathematical structure and that explains why our
universe exists too.

In terms of shock levels i would say i am SL4 but im
not sure about the whole catergorisation thing. I dont
think ive ever read an SF novel in my life.

and more recently:

Anyway enough of me, i hope for some good futurist
discussions in the pre-Singularity future.

Simon Gordon

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