Re: expansion of the universe; infinity of "level 1"

From: Paul Hughes (
Date: Sun Apr 20 2003 - 17:06:15 MDT

--- wrote:

> Paul Hughes asks how a finite universe can become
> infinite in a finite
> amount of time. This is a common question, and the
> answer is that it
> can't -- infinite universes are already infinite at
> all times. When
> people say "back then, the universe was only as
> large as a tennis ball",
> they mean the visible universe.

Ok, next question:

Knowing that outside the our level 1 multiverse, we
have eternal chaotic inflation, but:

*Inside* our level 1 multiverse, and depsite its
infinite size, does it not also have a finite time to
go before its demise? And when I say demise, I don't
mean our visible universe, but our entire infinite
level 1 multiverse. Demise being defined here as the
end of stars, galaxies, completion of proton decay,

Paul Hughes

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