Re: STORY: "Non-Player Character"

From: Thomas R Mazanec (
Date: Sat Apr 19 2003 - 21:02:11 MDT

Well, I don't so much think that the Borg, say, are "real"
as perhaps using them as a commonly known example of
just what kind of dangers human-machine interface could produce.
Actually, I think more subtle dangers are more likely, simply
because the obvious ones have already been depicted by such
fictions as the Borg and will almost surely be guarded against.
But I suppose that some people use the Borg to say "this proves
man-machines must be evil".
As for myself, If I were in the position of the hero in the story,
I would probably think that someone had come up with a clever
NPC program that "looked" like a real person, pretty much as Darin
did. Then I could see him going along with that idea,
sorta under inertia till evidence convinced him otherwise
like when Rilanya finally "gave herself away" as Janey.
I would probably be irked as heck at having a joke played on me.
So he acted very's just kinda human nature to
stick with your first assumption, and to be miffed if it is proven to
be wrong. Good story, thanks for the warning about that tunnel vision.
I probably won't remember when it's important, but I might.

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