Re: STORY: "Non-Player Character"

From: Thomas R Mazanec (
Date: Sat Apr 19 2003 - 17:56:24 MDT

An explanation of an apparent "anomaly" may be rational
but "unscientific" because our science has not advanced to
the point that we understand what caused the anomaly.
A couple centuries ago, Thomas Jefferson allegedly said
that he would rather believe two Yankee professors would lie
than that a stone would fall from the sky.
Perhaps in the year 3003 someone will invent a "time tunnel"
that reaches back into your closet. I very much doubt it,
but I am not *POSITIVE* that it cannot happen. If so,
this portal will not be "magical" (except in the Arthur C. Clarke
sense, of course).
How would you respond to such a "portal"?

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