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From: D. Goel (
Date: Sat Apr 19 2003 - 11:08:46 MDT

"Perry E. Metzger" <> writes:

> No, I know that part already. What I don't understand is why it isn't
> a violation of special or general relativity for that to happen -- so
> far as I knew your relative speed to another object in space could
> never exceed c. (Or perhaps it is okay because of physics I don't
> know. I was sort of reaching for more detail on this.)

As I understand it, the standard model itself, as well as special
relativity is just an effective theory that the more general TOE [2]
manifests itself in our particular universe with its particular
coefficients. So we should not expect our "intuitive SR effects" to
hold in the regions of inflation which are not part of our universe.
Moreover, (IIUC) inflation is a "heavily quantum" effect. Even in our
universe, things can "travel faster than c" through quantum effects
(though no information is transmitted)

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[1] IIUC, special relativity, with its "c" restrictions is nothing but
a very very special approximation of standard model, and holds true
after many many approximations in certain limits.
[2] theory of everything.

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