Hi Perry!

From: Paul Hughes (psiphius@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Apr 17 2003 - 21:29:17 MDT

Hi Perry!

If memory recalls, were you not frequenting the
extropian mailing list way back in 93-95? If that is
you, nice to see your return.

> This last article is the latest output from Max
> Tegmark, this time in
> the form of an informative lay article in SciAm
> which I first read some
> time ago, is one of
> the bigger mind-twisters out there, but the fact
> that an infinite
> universe implies infinite numbers of me.

Yes, I've read this article, and it's the most
impressive and mind-blowing thing I've read in a long
long time. I took the liberty yesterday (hopefully
SciAmerican won't mind) to mirror the entire article
on my blog here:



Paul Hughes

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