RE: Me, Myself, and I (was: Rationalizing Suffering)

From: Lee Corbin (
Date: Wed Apr 02 2003 - 20:46:01 MST

Mark wrote

> > Suppose that for the ultimate in realism and to truly "live the game", I've
> > decided to accept the temporary blockage of all outside-game knowledge.
> > Until I "die" inside the game, I won't remember/know about anything outside
> > the game but once I "die", I will go on living my normal life outside the
> > game. Is this morally wrong (Assume that we're advanced enough that there
> > is no way in which in-game events can harm, much less traumatize, my
> > outside-game self)?
> Yes, because "you" and "you with your memories elided" are *two different
> people* - your future self is a different person, for purposes of
> volition, than your past self. The past you that decided to have its
> memories elided is not the you who suffers and says "Let me out!"

This was a deeper question than I realized. I appreciate Eliezer
clearing it up, and also providing a good answer that I agree with
(though on a slightly different basis).


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