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Date: Wed Apr 02 2003 - 11:53:05 MST

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> Getting hit by a truck (or at least perceiving it)
> has immediate physical
> effects that shortens your life span. Fear of
> performance or what other people
> think are purely mental that have no direct
> connection with your survival.

Yes, that's precisely it! That's the difference
between rational and irrational fear. Rational fear
is well... rational. Almost getting hit by a truck
certainly falls into that category. And that's just
the point I was making - rational fear can be
integrated into pleasure. Specifically rational fear
integrates into awareness. Martial artists are some
of the most masterful integrators of rational fear on
the planet. Rather than experiencing threats to their
life in a negative context, they "flow" with the
increased awareness. They experience the threat as
pure awareness and since they are not crippled by
fear, they use that increased awareness to get out of
the way of the blow.

To summurize

1) Rational Fear integrates into Awareness.

2) Irrational Fear integrates into Excitement.

3) Sadness integrates into Gratitude.

4) Anger integrates into Creative Action.

If you are curious where I'm pulling all of this stuff
from, I highly recommend learning more about Vivation.
 The best book covering this topic can be purchased


Paul Hughes

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