Pinocchio wires (was: Collapsarity)

From: Lionel Bonnetier (
Date: Mon Mar 31 2003 - 07:15:27 MST

Samantha Atkins wrote:

> Remember that the cause of much suffering of a
> sentient is due to internal characteristics, beliefs,
> programming, whatever of said sentient. To simply remove/change
> all of those immediately would likely damage the identity matrix
> of the sentient and/or have many unforeseen (by the sentient)
> consequences not desired. So again, it is not at all obvious
> that the FAI would remove all suffering. Medieval torture
> chamber yes, rewiring brains to not be instrumental in their own
> suffering? I have strong doubts that would be unambiguously moral.

If the mammalian brain is entirely based on caricatural
drives that give birth to the immutable human tragedies
and comedies, it *looks* unlikely that any quick process
might change that. But... it looks so to *us* with our
mammalian brain and current know-how...

Walking through a wild forest shows two things: a world
full of colors and shapes and scents -- and an arena of
merciless slow fights for space and sunlight. I'm not
clear about what I'd do to end the suffering of the many
young trees and smaller plants that starve and die young
in that hell. Would I change the way the plants grow and
live (the "drives")? Would I try to give the plants
sentience? Which sentience? What would you do?

Hello you SIs who are watching us, you are no friends,
and as soon as I'm a SI, I won't be like you. Or will I?
Anyway, you're not there...

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