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From: Paul Hughes (
Date: Wed Mar 26 2003 - 09:23:52 MST

--- Christian Weisgerber <> wrote:

> Advanced species "transcending", "subliming" away,
> out of this
> universe or into parts of it we don't know about
> yet.
> > Thoughts, comments?
> Old, old idea. Standard SF cliche.

What is an old, and perhaps cliche at this point, is
some kind of FINITE intelligent was clever enough to
scale through the plank length, or jump into
hyperspace, but in the end they were still a FINITE
intelligence, with the only difference being they are
existing in a new domain. That idea is very old I

Where my idea differs, is that the SI acheives an
OMEGA-POINT (infinite computation) in a very small
amount of time, shortly after their own singularity.

If this idea is old clich, I would be very curious to
know precisely which sci-fi books you're referring to.
As far as I know not even Baxter, Egan, or Vinge goes
this far. Although, I heard from a friend that Damien
Broderick may have gone this far in his book


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