Submissions for 1st issue of SIAI Quarterly

From: Anand AI (
Date: Tue Mar 11 2003 - 15:06:14 MST

Hi everyone,

SIAI's online newsletter, the Singularity Institute Quarterly, is coming
along nicely and will be released in the last week of April. If you would
like to make submissions, please send them to The
submission deadline for everything is *April 16* (Wednesday). Submissions
can be on the following (if you'd like to submit something not listed,
please do so, but within reason):


(Submissions should be Singularity-aware [this isn't necessary for all
spirituality and humor material])

1. Co-Editorials
They need to be Singularity-aware and written well-enough to be publishable
without a lot of editing. So far, two people have accepted to write one.
It would definitely be great to have a few more. ('Feel free to email me if
you'd like to discuss; if not, that's fine.)

2. Singularity Institute news and/or Singularity news
Please submit any news that I may not know about or may accidentally miss.

3. Singularity quotes and/or other quotes
Quotes should be appropriately referenced. If a quote isn't explicitly
Singularity-related, please tell me the category for it (e.g., leadership,

4. Articles, papers, books, websites, interviews, multimedia, films, humor,
comprehensive resources, spirituality/well-being, merchandise
It would be extremely helpful if a small synopsis about your submission is
included. This will help guide my writing, and thus me save *a lot* of
time. (Thanks sincerely in advance.)


I can't promise that everything submitted will be useable, but I will try to
include as much as possible. (If it doesn't go into the first issue, it may
be used for the second one.)

I'll be emailing some of you individually about submissions in the

Best wishes,


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