Re: Towards a prototype mini-AI

From: Jonathan Standley (
Date: Fri Jan 31 2003 - 23:48:08 MST

> I'd stress though, that having this pseudocode does not get you very far
> toward having the Novamente design. The devil is in the details -- in
> working out the complex business inside the MindAgents in a way that will
> lead to emergent cooperatively.

Something that has struck me in my observance of developing intelligent
agents - i.e. kids :) is how *forced* so much of childhood development
seems. It's almost like they can't not learn to walk and talk and such,
assuming even a minimal amount of parenting and the absence of a
developmental disorder.

Speaking as one with an intense interest in sociology and anthropology, what
never ceases to amaze me is, in spite of the wildly variant cultural
diversity of the earth's 6 billion + people, how *similar* we all are. I
could think of several possible explanations, but the one that I tend to
favor is that evolution has produced highly specific developmental
processes, probably based on complex interactions involving the endocrine,
nervous, and immune systems, among others.

Just a thought :)

Jonathan Standley

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