RE: Towards a prototype mini-AI

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Wed Jan 29 2003 - 17:51:29 MST

> Ben,
> I eagerly await the publication of your book, as the bit I've had time so
> far to read on the net about the novamente project has greatly interested
> me.
> I take that when you say 'integrated system' you mean that the NN and
> non-neural net components do not have 'hard' separations (ie. modular or
> other compartmentalized designs)?

Correct, Novamente is not modular in the standard sense... it has a variety
of different Ai algorithms, but they all act concurrently on the same
knowledge representation...

> If that is indeed the case, I
> can see how
> such extant NN techniques would prove unworkable.


> A quick question if you don't mind: How closely does the Novamente
> architecture depend on neuroscience inspired mind models?

Not very. There are some high-level mappings between Novamente structures
and brain structures, but the mapping gets a lot cruder when one turns to
dynamics. I don't think brain dynamics are understood well enough to model
an AGI's dynamics on them.

-- Ben

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