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Date: Sun Jan 19 2003 - 16:28:34 MST

I've read some of Terrence McKenna's stuff. In its complexity, parascience
poetry and flashy graphics, it is a singular example of a high-level
intellect gone to waste.

After decades of drug abuse, McKenna developed liver cancer. His doctors
assured him that his particular drugs of abuse were not responsible for this
condition, but Mckenna disbelieved them. To his credit, IMO, he believed he
had brought on the cancer by his lifestyles choices.

I'm much more willing to believe McKenna was right about the cause of his
fatal illness than about his timewave theory.

Michael LaTorra

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> > Anand AI wrote:
> > > The 12/21/12 date has to do with Terrence McKenna's Timewave Zero
> > > hypothesis, which I haven't looked into much and don't have an
> > opinion of,
> > > though others may (speak up, speak up).
> >
> > Er... having not investigated in detail, I'll offer the snap
> opinion that
> > this is sheer idiocy.
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> > Eliezer S. Yudkowsky
> Idiocy? Sorta ;-)
> I'd call it the heavily-drug-induced hallucinations/speculations of a
> brilliant, visionary freak, who rejected the scientific and empirical view
> of reality and created a fascinating poetic truth that he sometimes
> expressed in the language of science...
> To me, McKenna's thinking and writing is great science fiction -- he's a
> dashing protagonist as well as an excellent storyteller. Given his views
> about the non-reality/surreality of our so-called "reality", I don't think
> he would have really minded having his work labeled this way....
> A lot of weird Terence McKenna ish stuff is at
> -- Ben Goertzel

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