Re: "and then a singularity happens"

From: Mitchell Porter (
Date: Tue Jan 07 2003 - 19:20:27 MST

>So you've taken that first step on the way to Jupiter Brain status: you've
>converted your brain to software or nano-neurons, or perhaps merely
>transferred it to a bigger `skull' (vat?) with room to grow.
>Er, what next? I've seen little if any writing on this. You can't simply
>reenact your childhood growth, because that growth was directed toward a
>specific design: the one you're trying to transcend.
>Do you add neurons at random, hoping that they'll arrange themselves
>usefully without costing too much in noise?

Consider how a self-enhancing *AI* is supposed to get the job done. It's a
of specialized modules, and the enhancements consist of (i) enhancements to
modules, (ii) addition of new modules, (iii) enhancements to inter-modular
Substitute "neuroanatomical function" for "module", and you have a sketch of
human self-enhancement might proceed. But the AI has the advantage of being
to read its own documentation.

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