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Date: Thu Jan 02 2003 - 13:58:02 MST

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> Jonathan Standley:
> > these animals would communicate with other interfaced animals
> around them,
> > through a variety of means. They would form a self-organizing network,
> > eventually spanning all of the world's major ecosystems. At the
> > top level of
> > this network would be You. Your input and output structures would be
> > integrated into the network, and You would become a sort of
> digital gaia.
> That's pretty much the case in Poul Anderson's last important novel,
> Damien Broderick

Coincidentally, I just finished GENESIS last night and today I am catching
up on my SL4 backlog. With regard to Poul Anderson's novel, it's important
to note that his cyber Gaia is the AI responsible for monitoring and
stewardship of Earth, but Gaia is only one AI entity (called a node in the
book) within the much greater set of nodes called the Galactic Brain. Gaia
is not a singleton (although in the book She does try to do things Her own
way; read it to find out what, how and why).

Michael LaTorra

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