RE: Curriculum for AI

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Wed Jan 01 2003 - 11:32:33 MST

Michael Roy Ames wrote:
> It is certainly possible for me to reformat multiple types of sensorial
> data and deliver it to any of the microdomains (allowing for unlimited
> bits). However this would be just raw data with *no preprocessing*.
> And pre-processing *counts* as part of intelligence. Human beings have
> tons of pre-processing. Are we expecting the AGI to creatively develop
> its own pre-processing from scratch? I don't think that is going to
> happen. We will have to give it some help. I see that help coming in
> two ways: 1) canned pre-processing routines that 'come with' a new
> sensory input and 2) learned routines that we teach ver via a simpler
> interface.

In Novamente, the plan is to give the system "canned" (actually
carefully-constructed) preprocessing routines... at first. These will have
adaptable parameters that will be set dynamically in feedback with Novamente

Later, these preprocessing routines will be cast in an
easily-Novamente-modifiable form for full self-modifiability.

We humans can't rewire our visual cortexes (except using rare and difficult
tech, and then only poorly as yet), and I don't think an initial AGI needs
to have this ability either.

-- Ben G

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