Re: Curriculum for AI

From: Michael Roy Ames (
Date: Wed Jan 01 2003 - 08:42:42 MST

Dear SL4,

Colin wrote:
> Human is not like dog training is not like rat training.

LOL - I know a few professors who would beg to differ :D

> In a future world populated with various AI 'species'
> we're going to have to deal with
> appropriate training for each.

I tend to doubt this scenario. Once we get a single AGI up around human
level it will very quickly take over the 'market' for brains-in-boxes.
At that point, all existing training materials can be sent to that great
bit-bucket in the sky... and good riddance! Long live the 'copy'

> With this and Ben's suggested training options, I think we've probably
> complicated Michael's training program enough now!

Not at all... rather your points are helpful in pointing out areas where
I have been particularly unclear. Thanks again.

Michael Roy Ames

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