Re: Another Take on the Fermi Paradox

From: imustsleepnow (
Date: Fri Dec 27 2002 - 12:20:59 MST

--- Gordon Worley <> wrote:
> In a Friendly Singularity, you would not be allowed
> to hold a mind in a
> simulation that wants out. Since we can't get out,
> if this is a
> simulation, we are very likely not living in a
> Friendly Singularity.
> If we are in an Unfriendly Singularity, the chance
> of anyone even being
> very friendly decreases (remember, most of the
> reason that humans are
> friendly is evolution; you can win, though, if you
> become the biggest
> kid on the block by about 100 times). Hence I think
> that lacking
> strong indicators of high morals, if we're forced
> into this kind of
> suffering here, I doubt we'll be given some
> computronium and told to go
> enjoy living in the Singularity when the simulation
> ends.
But I counter that the singularity arrived long ago
and it is friendly. And you DID get out. At least one
of you. (kinda like the multiple bens) But the AGI has
very high morals such that it couldnít just pull you
and everyone else out who wanted out without seriously
hurting those who donít want out and want things to be
left pretty much as they are. So it left a copy of you
here to protect those other people. You just happen to
be the copy that was left behind. Of course IT canít
be leaving knowledge of its contact with anyone or
else that too would ruin it for those who want nothing
to do with the singularity, which is why you canít
remember the contact. You are here to protect the
feelings of those who know and love you. So be happy
because (at least one of) you is having a great time
in the post singularity era.

Think of the movie ďItís a wonderful lifeĒ as a guide
to how many people you would affect by being suddenly
snubbed out. After being presented with such evidence
you decided to leave a copy behind.

Of course there are people who absolutely insist that
no copy be left behind. It was that pointless
unfortunate car accident ...

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