Re: Another Take on the Fermi Paradox

From: Mark Waser (
Date: Tue Dec 24 2002 - 18:48:39 MST

Ben G said
> But the morality of noninterference is questionable, in the case of
> civilizations (like ours) at the point where self-destruction is a likely
> outcome.
> I'd hope that a civilization close enough to our level to *bother to
> intentionally ignore us* would have the morality to interfere when our
> self-destruction seemed imminent.
> Of course, maybe that *will* happen. Perhaps on the eve of destruction
> watchers will break their silence and intercede...

Why does intercession necessitate breaking their silence? Why can't
intercession take a form that we wouldn't recognize as coming from
"outside"? I would think that a "talented" intercession would look very
much as if we got lucky or a small number of people got smart and lucky (huh
. . . sounds like the Cuban missile crisis, doesn't it? . . . :-)

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