Re: Multiple Future Bens

From: Steven Fodstad (
Date: Mon Dec 23 2002 - 15:01:56 MST

>I am curious what you folks think.
I guess I'm a bit odd. I prefer the Ben1 scenario for myself (no
multiplicity at any point), with a few modifications.

Being human-level would probably be somewhat dangerous eventually, if
not immediately or intentionally. It would be rather unacceptable to me
for a superhuman entity to use my body as feedstock for some building
project, so what I intend is the design of an artificial intelligence to
act as my servant and guardian. This AI's ethics will be essentially
the laws of robotics with humanity replaced by just me. In addition, it
will be encouraged(by its design) to self-improve, using whatever
materials available and out of my sight, that doesn't hurt anybody else
(it adopts my ethics as well). It would quickly ascend to far beyond my
own intelligence. I'd ask/tell/order this AI to do whatever my whim
desires. Barring any immediate requests, it would ensure that other
superhuman entities are aware of my existence and take care to avoid me.
 If I am not in immediate danger, it would improve itself and maybe
communicate with other intelligences. I would most likely, in time,
replace my neurons with computational equivalents and maybe add
facilities in my brain to communicate more effectively with my AI,
perhaps even to the extent that my AI's consciousness is controllable
like a muscle to me.

However soon it is before Sol's gravity well becomes crowded to me, I
will shoot myself off to another planet (outside of our solar system),
which I will terraform and transform into my personal playground. I
will thenceforth live like Tom Bombadil (from Lord of the Rings).
 Perhaps I will indulge various whims: flight; transforming myself into
various animals; constructing (either virtually or in reality) scenarios
from history and my imagination which I would either watch or
participate in; travelling (see the core of the galaxy, build
interferometric telescopes at opposite ends of the galaxy, see what has
become of earth in the aeons since I left it, etc); finding or making a
wife; sheparding some presentient species towards transhumanity; seeing
how quickly I could, with my own two hands (and probably only my hands),
recreate all of human technology from Paleolithic to Nuclear Age; or
other cool things I haven't thought of yet.

Rather unambitious, aren't I? ^_^

(This is my first post to the list, in case you're wondering who I am.
 My RL name is Steven Fodstad. Nice to meet you. I prefer people to
call me Flarelocke or its diminutive form, Flare, as I find it rather
disconcerting for people I haven't met to call me by name. Besides,
everyone else I know online calls me Flare. I don't make JOIN posts in
general because it just increases the list traffic without adding
anything of value. This community, however, seems too small for the
appearance of someone unrecognized to go unnoticed, hence this footnote)


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