From: Arona Ndiaye (andiaye@chello.nl)
Date: Sun Dec 15 2002 - 18:46:50 MST


I did not ask if Eli was enlightened but whether he was in C4 permanently. What in my words, made you think I did not understand that there are several states of consciousness ??? *smile* I'm not really interested in the whole LSD thing, I was just drawing a parallel. Same for enlightenment, just a parallel. You missed my point: we never create, we're simply allowed to experience something that is always present. I believe that without that 'whatever' that is shared with us, we'd never create anything. We're way too arrogant thinking that it's coming from us. I'm not a religious guy, I just feel that any act of creation, love or whatever you wish to call it, does not come from us, never did and never will. It's like a river, and sometimes it flows through some of us. It's very hard form me to formalise it without sounding like some Born Again Christian or some similar stuff....


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