Re: Chess and Go study

From: Arona Ndiaye (
Date: Sat Dec 14 2002 - 19:38:22 MST


Isn't that state what Gurdieff described as C4: the fourth level of consciousness ?
I used to have it while playing blitz games as a teenager. I still reach it 1/3 of the time
while coding, but I can never stay in it for too long.

Samantha: how long could you stay in that state ? Any negative effects ?
I do not remember you saying much on that topic on the Progstone list.
I'm curious about your experiences with C4
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  From: Ben Goertzel
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> It was more like choreography than playing
> chess. I saw instantaneously how groups of pieces and moves
> would play against groups of response moves and pieces without
> the usual labor involved. It was quite strange and wonderful.

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