Re: Uploading with current technology

From: John G. Miller (
Date: Mon Dec 09 2002 - 23:51:33 MST

--- Bill Hibbard <> wrote:

> Society has a gradual (lots of short-term setbacks, to be
> sure) long-term trend toward equality because human
> brains are distributed quite democratically: the largest
> IQ (not a perfect measure, but widely applied) in history
> is only twice the average.

I agree that IQ is not a perfect measure of Intelligence.
However, although an average IQ is considered to be around
100, it is misleading to state the largest IQ in history as
being "only twice the average". IQ is measured on a bell
curve. A 200 would be located extremely far out on the
right side of the curve. It is very hard to imagine the
capabilities that a person with a 200 IQ might have. They
might be able to find solutions to problems that 1,000
persons of average intelligence working together could not.

John G. Miller

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