Re: Complexity, Ethics, Esthetics

From: Michael Roy Ames (
Date: Wed Dec 04 2002 - 17:38:13 MST

Dear Gordon,

Hmmm. Can't pass this one up.
You wrote:

> Actually, most of what makes something beautiful is panhuman.
> Humans like certain compositions of objects. Also, all humans
> find normal human babies beautiful.

Demonstrably untrue. Although I find babies interesting and
valuable, I do not find them beautiful at all. I'm not the only one
with this opinion, as I know several others (men and women) who hold
similar opinions.

> We also all find puppies cute. We might learn
> to have a fear of them, but we'll still think that
> they're cute.

Again, demonstrably untrue.

> The underlying nature of what makes something beautiful
> is still the same.

An interesting opinion. Care to define beauty?

> For ethics, culture only deals with transitive and recent changes.
> Its effect on ethics is noticeably different from that of evolved
> ethics.

Again, an interesting opinion. Would you provide us with an example
or two of how a cultural ethic is different from an evolved ethic?
How would one reliably identify this defference?

Michael Roy Ames

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