Re: Reality Theory

From: Cliff Stabbert (
Date: Sun Dec 01 2002 - 22:28:27 MST

Marc Geddes wrote:

MG> Either one is forced to conclude that certain aspects
MG> of reality are simply unexplainable (which actually
MG> leads to logical contradictions) or else one has to
MG> dispense with the idea of 'hardware'.

I don't see how reality can be explained "all the way to the bottom".
There's always going to be an irreducable gap of some sort. Whether
you model the bottommost level as hardware or software is simply a
choice, with advantages on each side in different contexts. To get
into arguments about whether it "is" one way or the other is a false
dichotomy of the particle/wave sort (which not coincidentally bears a
close resemblance to the hardware/software distinction).

  Information is Energy (aka Knowledge is Power)
  Energy is Matter
then it's all the same difference, anyway.

I think the main trap in the pure materialist perspective is the
(unconscious) visualization of a reality arrested and apprehended: it
leaves out the time dimension (motion, change, interaction). I see
statements such as "Everything is Fire" (i.e., software) more as
forceful poetic warnings of that trap than proposed Theories.

"mind and matter, mind and matter, go together like two things which
go together really well, one of which one rhymes with "matter""

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