Re: Time travel-->fast algorithms-->Singularity??

From: Mirco Romanato (
Date: Sun Dec 01 2002 - 07:13:32 MST

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From: "Tomaz Kristan" <>
> On Sun, 27 October 2002, Cole Kitchen wrote:

> > "A computer which has access to a closed timelike curve, and can thereby
> > send the results of calculations into its own past, can exploit this to
> > solve difficult computational problems efficiently.

> This algorithm would imply information out of nothing. Or out of this
world, at least. Unlimited data compress ratio, would be easy to reach.
As I understand it, you can not have information before you build the
computer, start the computing and put the computer in the closed timeline.
Then you need to retrieve the information, and this will happen after you
put it in the closed timeline.
So, for an external observer, this will appear like that the computer worked
in a time accellerated state (one second for the external observer, maybe
one hundred years for the computer).

> Imagine, that I will have a magic stick tomorrow. First, I will make sure
(using it), that I had it yesterday, already. But still, I don't have one.
This little trick doesn't work.
You need to create your magic stick before you can put it in the close
timeline curve.

> Well, it may not be the same. Maybe a TimeRegister is possible after all -
but I doubt - and we can do this. In that case, we would surelly do
something better, than dividing numbers, > before the FINAL label.

> If it IS possible, the Singularity will be here in a few years.
If it is workable do it BEFORE the singularity.


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