RE: AGI funding Potential 3-4 year funding source

From: Gary Miller (
Date: Tue Nov 12 2002 - 17:56:37 MST

Potential DoD DARPA Funding Source for cognitive system development.

"The solicitation is open to anyone, and DARPA won't speculate about who
might step forward, for fear of limiting responses. The project will
have a three- to five-year life - long enough, Brachman hopes, to prove
the value and plausibility of the concept. "

Having worked in government circles. I'd suggest teaming with a DARPA
affiliated University such as MIT to do the proposal and include an
Professor with grant administration experience and maybe a few post-grad
students to the mix. They should have a library of winning proposals to
pattern after and maybe a few Pentagon contacts to lobby for them. If
you do the technical portion of the proposal you should be able to
establish technical direction and maintain a fair amount of creative

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