RE: AGI funding (was Re: Some bad news)

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Sun Nov 10 2002 - 07:23:19 MST

> One more thing. News media is not exactly a music or book publishing
> company. If I report some event or development of relevance to
> the society,
> then that's news, which is not in the same category as just another
> unsolicited tape that nobody cares about.

I agree, of course. But to make "news" out of AGI, we need to have some
kind of dramatic success with our proto-AGI software, and explain it in a
clear nontechnical way. the fact that there are some smart people working
on AGI, or working toward the Singularity, is not "news" unless it's spun
VERY well...

> > Among other campaigns, this guy did the PR campaign for the Republic of
> > Sealand (a bunch of freaks who took over an abandoned oil
> platform in the
> > North Sea, declared it their own country, and started a data
> haven there).
> > Among other things, he got them a cover story on Wired... which brought
> > their data haven fuckloads of business...
> There you go :). Now if you were a writer for Wired and had two
> suggestions
> for a story. One about "a bunch of freaks who took over an abandoned oil
> platform" and the other about AGI research that may lead to Singularity,
> which one would you want to write about?

Slawek, if *I* were a writer for Wired, the Singularity would be getting a
lot more publicity ;-)

This is one possible solution, actually: 10% of people on this list quit
their coding jobs and get media jobs.

Then, in five years, we'll have a hell of a publicity engine ;)


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