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Date: Thu Nov 07 2002 - 09:59:50 MST

On Thursday, November 7, 2002, at 09:37 AM, Ben Goertzel wrote:

> Just as getting people to pay for Third World children is easier if
> it's set
> up so that each person is sponsoring *one particular* child, who they
> can
> get a letter from every year.
> I wonder if they're a good way to "personalize" peoples' connections
> with
> AGI, in a similar way. We can't have each person sponsor their own
> AGI, of
> course -- that will be reserved for the *really big* donations ;-p

Rather than funding a particular AGI, donations could be made to a
particular researcher (since Eliezer isn't the only person who would do
things for the Singularity full time if they could afford to). In
return, that researcher sets up a blog that they update everyday to let
it be known what they did. Even if there's no interesting research to
report, they might just write up some interesting personal anecdote for
the day. Many people like that kind of personal connection with
another person and they could see that their money is going somewhere,
even if it's just to get a couple of paragraphs of quickly written
prose from one of the more interesting people on the planet.

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