Cancer and evolution

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Wed Oct 23 2002 - 21:07:21 MDT

Hello all,

I've been reading a very interesting book on evolution, symbiosis and
cancer. The book is by Werner J. Schwemmler and is called "Basic Cancer
Programs -- Genes, Signals, Metabolites -- Unified Holistic Theory of
Evolution." The author's hypotheses are sufficiently broad and deep that
they have implications beyond cancer and even beyond human evolution.

I wrote a 13-page essay on the book, which is a little more than a book
review and a little less than a scientific essay....

If you're into these topics, my review essay will just whet your appetite --
it necessarily doesn't give all the details of his interesting hypotheses.

I also touch briefly on how one could use advanced AI analysis & gene
expression data to verify or falsify some of Schwemmler's hypotheses.

Anyway, I hope you'll see why the book excites me so much. The details of
his theories may or may not be right, but after reading it, I'm thinking
about cancer in a quite new way... as well as some other aspects of

-- Ben G

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