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Date: Wed Oct 16 2002 - 15:54:22 MDT

Ben, you left New Mexico without stopping by to visit me in Las Cruces? I'm
shocked, SHOCKED!

Regarding cryonics and life extension in general, I have observed the same
kind of reluctance or revulsion among those near and dear to me. My wife is
not interested. She believes that either it won't work, or if it does work
the future will not accommodate people revived from an earlier era and we
will not enjoy living there. I, of course, disagree. I signed up for
cryonics as a grand experiment with the potential for an enormous payoff.

Mike LaTorra

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> I have relocated from beautiful rural New Mexico back to the US
> East Coast, where ...

> However, yesterday I made myself quite unpopular at the life care
> center where my
> grandfather lives, offering to give a lecture on cryonics in
> their seminar series.
> Peculiarly enough (to me), none of these very old folks are
> interested in preserving
> themselves for future rejuvenation. My wife and my parents feel
> the same way,

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